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New! Air Scrubber by Aerus

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  • 24/7 surface decontamination and air purification
  • Reduces allergens and other contaminants
  • Installs directly into existing ductwork
  • Helps protect your heating and cooling system from potential Helps combat COVID 19. Great for allergy sufferers!
  • The technology can can eliminate SARSCoV-2, the COVID virus, from interior air – safely and immediately.
  • Great for the Seasonal Rental Properties   



  • Uses ActivePure® Technology to continuously attack contaminants on surfaces while purifying the air
  • Protects people from contaminants and pollutants in their environment
  • Prevents heating and cooling systems from dust buildup
  • Low maintenance with no cleaning required
  • Reduces odors and smoke visible in the air without the use of ozone
  • Discreet or concealed installation

ActivePure Technology has been proven effective against a broad spectrum of clinically relevant pathogens. Every pathogen has a different level of resistance which is outlined in the hierarchy of pathogens below. This hierarchy is used to help predict the ability of a device or chemical to kill an emerging pathogen.The founding principle, with some exceptions, is that if you are able to demonstrate effectiveness on a higher class pathogen at the top of the pyramid then there is a presumed level of efficacy against lower class pathogens at the bottom.

You will see that ActivePure has proven 99.99%+ effectiveness against Bacillus Globigii spores. By achieving this, we are able to claim efficacy against lower class pathogens at the bottom of the pyramid, like SARS-CoV-2 responsible for COVID-19. We also have test results against SARS-CoV-2. Click here to review our COVID-19 specific test results.

Ducted Price $1,075.00
Portable Price $1,000.00
*****Commercial scrubbers are available,  call the office for more information.